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  • What should I pack?
    You don't need scrubs. Most people just pack a few T-shirts and leggings with tennis shoes. Depending on the season, bring a coat or wind breaker, or rain coat. Bring one business casual outfit for a nice dinner out. It's best to pack light so you don't have to wait for your luggage in Medford. They are sloooooooooow. We also provide: - towels - blow dryers - feminine hygiene products - clothing irons - deoderant - disposable tooth brushes - hand and body soap - shampoo - notebook - pens - tote - yeti tumbler - name tag - T-Shirt - didactic material Bring your own: - sunglasses - readers - coats - shoes (casual and evening out) - leggings & t-shirts - socks - makeup - curling iron
  • What happens when we arrive?
    We will meet at Alley-By Loft for Pizza, salad, and refreshments. This is the modern home within an Alley, next door to a super fancy restaurant called MAS. We will all leave by 8 pm so everyone can get a good night's rest for our exciting Friday together!
  • What do we do the first night?
    Thursday Night: We will get to know each other and if the weather is nice we can go to the rooftop patio as well. Friday Night: We will have a home-cooked meal for you at our personal home up the hill. Saturday Night: We will go out to one of our favorite restaurants. You can dress up if you'd like to
  • How do I stay in touch with my new friends?
    We have our Instagram Pod that you can keep in contact with your new friends. You will be able to join our exclusive H&B Alumni Group chat as well! We also have our photo circle and our What's app. Please stay in touch and ask each other how you are doing with each other's journeys and business adventures. Many groups have had reunions and have returned here for another H&B! It just warms our hearts
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